Youth Leadership

  • Scouts gain leadership experience of some sort during all scouting activities.
  • Formal leadership opportunities are available such as National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT).
  • Scouts over 15 are able to staff summer camps and high adventure camps.
  • Order of the Arrow (OA) offers the ability for a scout to be part of a distinct class of scouts dedicated to service.
  • Elections for youth leadership positions happen each December and May.
  • Scouts are able to serve as one of the following roles within the troop (must be 1st class or above for all except Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader):
    • Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) – leads all of the patrols of boys
    • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL) – assists the SPL and serves as backup
    • Patrol Leader (PL) – leads an individual patrol
    • Assistant Patrol Leader (APL) – assists the PL and serves as backup
    • Historian – organizes troop history and presentation
    • Librarian – keeper of troop literature
    • Chaplain Aide – leads all things worship/prayer related
    • Quartermaster – organizes the trailer and manages equipment
    • Webmaster – updates Web site and Facebook page
    • Scribe – keeps troop records for activities and meetings
    • Troop Guide – mentors first year scout patrols
    • OA Rep – serves as youth liaison between the troop and the local OA chapter
    • Den Chief – mentors Webelos in Cub Scout packs

Adult Leadership

  • Various adult leadership positions are almost always available:  Assistant Scoutmasters (ASMs), Committee Members, Activity Coordinators and Volunteers, and Merit Badge Counselors.  Please see ScoutMaster or Committee Chair on how to sign up to help the Troop be successful!
  • Each registered leader is required to have online Youth Protection Training (YPT) available at https://myscouting.scouting.org
  • Face-to-face YPT is required for ASMs participating in extended camps (over 3 days) such as summer camp.  This course is offered a few times a year by either the district or the council.
  • ASMs are required to have Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM) training (1 day classroom) and Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills (IOLS) (2 days camping).  This course is offered a few times a year by the district.

Patrol Leader Council (PLC)

  • Consists of all scout leadership positions within the troop.
  • PLC meetings happen in lieu of normal troop meetings on the Monday following that month’s campout at 6:30PM at First United Methodist Church.
  • The purpose of the PLC meeting is to review the campout and discuss upcoming events.   Assistant patrol leaders are welcome but are not required unless the patrol leader cannot make it.
  • ASM meetings follow PLC meetings beginning at 7:45PM.