Merit Badge Basics

Merit badges give scouts the opportunity to develop life skills and examine subjects to determine if they would like to further pursue them as a career or hobby. There are 130 merit badges offered. Complete List of Merit Badges

The merit badge program plays a major role in scout advancement and participation can begin as soon as a scout registers with a troop.

To earn the rank of Eagle scout, 21 merit badges must be earned. The 13 required merits badges are:

  1.  First Aid
  2.  Citizenship in the Community
  3.  Citizenship in the Nation
  4.  Citizenship in the World
  5.  Communications
  6.  Personal Fitness
  7.  Emergency Preparedness OR Lifesaving*
  8.  Environmental Science or Sustainability
  9.  Personal Management
  10.  Swimming OR Hiking OR Cycling
  11.  Camping
  12. Cooking
  13.  Family Life

Start Early on Requirements:

Physical Fitness (8) – Scout must keep a 12 week physical fitness log. Sports, marching band and ROTC can count.

Personal Management (2a&b) – Scout must track spending and income for 13 weeks. Scouts struggle completing this requirement if they do not have an allowance or steady income.

Family Life (3) – Scout must keep a chore chart for 90 days.

Cooking (6c & 6d & 6e) – Requires cooking outdoors using a Dutch oven or foil pack, lightweight stove, and a desert. An aware scout can complete during monthly campout.

Camping (6a-c) – Scout needs to camp 20 days and night at a scout camp, hike a mountain 1000 feet high or backpack 4 miles or bike 15 miles or canoe 4 hours or rappel 30 feet, and do a service project (Clean the Creek).

Citizenship in the Community (3a) – Scout must attend a city council or school board meeting.

Citizenship in the Nation (2a-c) – Scout must visit a national historical landmark, state capitol, or federal facility.